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dVCyberGroup’s primary aim is to support decision-makers, because there can be no cybersecurity strategy without an anchoring at the highest level of companies and organizations. Our offering is based on three pillars: consulting, operational support and training..


Active in security policy at a time of digital mutation, we have learned first-hand that the security of companies and organizations in the face of cyber-risks depends first and foremost on empowering decision-makers at all levels, and placing them at the strategic level. Our mission is threefold:

Raising managers’ awareness of the challenges of digital mutation, so that they can acquire the essential knowledge to go beyond traditional technical considerations.

Mapping and assessing the maturity of companies and organizations in the face of cyber risks, so that they can anticipate developments and their effects.

Élaboration de stratégies évolutives adaptées aux besoins réels, aux moyens et aux compétences des entreprises et des organisations afin qu’elles puissent s’orienter avec sûreté dans un monde toujours plus exigeant et incertain.


Strategy isn’t just for large organizations. At all levels, it’s the sum total of coordinated actions taken by a company/organization to achieve a specific goal. How can we ensure that they are implemented, and check that they are still in line with reality? And what to do in case of deviation? In this respect, we offer three key services:

Helping companies and organizations to implement their strategies and projects by providing them with our unique experience and network.

Assist decision-makers during cyber or other crises, to master them without delay. Entrust the mechanics to experienced staff managers, and focus your business skills and capabilities on your key responsibility: decision-making.

Access to key information for all decision-makers, regardless of their C-level. dVPedia offers flexible 360° situation monitoring. A unique offer that we use for all our services!


Crises don’t just happen to other people, and managing them takes practice. Finding oneself without a solution to an incident is the first step towards programmed failure. Experience shows that the resilience of a company or organization in the face of a crisis depends on its upstream preparations, and we offer two services for this purpose:

A modular course for managing and mastering crisis situations. With the right tools in hand, you’ll be surprised by your own performance when we put you in a simulated incident…! And we’ll back it all up with our own field experience!

There’s an African saying: “Alone, we go faster; together, we go further”. With the OPERA module, we develop your ability to put into practice – even with your partners if necessary – the holistic, systemic and networked approach required by the evolution of our complex, dynamic society and its crises.